Pointers for Each Room

Foyers are the first area buyers see when stepping into the property. It is important to make sure this area is clean, odour free, and welcoming. Cluttered hallways make buyers feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Having a clear path allows a buyer to focus on the home.
This room is often the first room a buyer sees. Make it feel warm and inviting. Depersonalize the space to enable the buyer to see themselves living there enjoying the space with their family and friends
The buyer needs to envision a place where they can sit down with family and friends and enjoy a delicious meal – a place they can’t wait to entertain in! It’s all about creating a wonderful atmosphere.
Bright- Clean- Odour Free!!!

The average person spends a large amount of time preparing, eating and entertaining in the kitchen. This area needs to be clutter free with spotless countertops and all personal items tucked away.

Family rooms are all about creating a relaxing & cozy atmosphere. Pillows, books, soft music screams relaxation time!
This room is selling privacy and romance! This area should feel spacious, open and comfortable. Keep the master bedroom a bedroom and nothing else. Remove all office items, laundry, and personal items! Bedside tables, dressers and all other furniture should be clutter free and all personal photos removed.
Less is more! Each bedroom should be set up as a bedroom. Remove all clutter and personal items therefore keeping it open and welcoming. Make sure to have enough walking space around all furniture.
This room needs to be functional and pleasant with all personal documents securely tucked away. Have the desk clutter free and computer turned off.
Goal is to keep it bright and airy! You want the buyer to feel like they are in a spa-like setting. All personal items and products neatly tucked away- for your eyes only!
This room needs to be clean & functional. All laundry out of machines and neatly put away.
Basements should be bright, moisture & odour free. Mostly viewed as a playroom or hobby area- think neat and tidy!