Staging Is:

  1. creating broad appeal
  2. using “buyers” eyes
  3. rearranging, refreshing, reducing
  4. adding (or removing) colour & appeal
  5. selling the space and not the stuff
  6. creating an edge over the competition


Key Staging Factors Create:

  1. function
  2. focal point
  3. floor plan
  4. furnishings
  5. flow
  6. feeling



Curb & Yard Appeal
In today’s world cell phones & technology are everywhere. Once a property goes onto the market the listing information is sent instantly via email to all prospective buyers. The front photo of the home is the first thing they may view within the listing information. If that photo sparks their interest they then go forward with booking a private showing. A prospective buyer might also drive by the property before booking a viewing to make sure it’s a match….therefore, within seconds of seeing the outside of the home the buyers have formed an opinion without even stepping foot onto the property.

The outside of the home and the yard needs to be clean, neat and tidy. Gardens should be well groomed and, if possible, shown at their best.